meet jenny

Creating something from nothing is not only her passion, but her talent. 

After studying 3 Act Plays in English, Jenny began to see her life in the same way.
Her teacher always said "the Second Act was where all the meat and good stuff is" and that's where she is today! Read her story to see where the name Second Act Floral originated.

the first act

Growing up in cities around the Southeast, Jenny has always been fascinated by nature... She has an eye for watching things grow and change during each of the four seasons. If she goes missing for a few minutes, you can bet she is picking flowers in her garden... maybe even the neighbors! 

Throughout her life, Jenny discovered how things worked, how things grew, and
how things happen. And to this day, she is still doing so. 

She studied in the Horticulture Department at NC-State and met her soon to be husband, Jim. She majored in floral and he in landscape and design. 

After college, they married and moved to Laurinburg, N.C., to manage Jim's family business. Eight years later, their son was born, and three years after that their daughter. Jenny's focus shifted as she home schooled her children through high school. Jim continued his business in landscaping and together they harvested vegetables to introduce their children to their passions. Neal and Martha started working in the business when they were 12. Today, Neal is a NC State Forester
and Martha is a Camp Manager and Chef. 


The second act

As empty nesters, Jim and Jenny went back to the drawing board - what were they going to do with their free time? Jenny was ready to start her business doing what she loves - creating. Over the two decades of raising her family, Jenny learned a lot about planning events of all sizes and the experiences and expertise to set the business up for success. 

 Second Act Floral encompasses Jenny's life and her passion for helping people create a vision for an event. Her warm loving spirit paired with her amazing talent is what makes each event exceptional. She creates a new concept for each client
that reflects their personality, style preference, and vision. The best part is, Jenny
can help you figure this out if you don't know what your vision is! 


the third act

Stick around to see where Jenny goes!